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  • every single living being knows they are Loved & Protected

  • children, emotions, and connection are sacred

  • where we are better strangers to each other

  • trust is a common resource

 I dream of a world where... 

How can we draw power from our generational wounds to strengthen our gifts?

What lies beyond healing?

In what ways do our existences intertwine? How can we celebrate that?

 Driving Questions 

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 Communal Dreaming 

 GariTalks seeks answers to: 

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 What worlds do you dream of? 

 What are you curious about? 

A tool to name emotions

This is an Emotion Wheel

A tool to understand emotions

emotion wheel_edited.png

It helps with expanding our Emotional vocabulary.
The more specific we get in naming our Emotions, the more understanding we can create.

These are the '6 Layers of Emotion'

Think of this model of emotions as a building with 6 stories.

You can’t access the top floor without having established the previous 5.​

6 Layers of Emotion Building_edited.png


For example, within the experience of Anger, there is also Pain, Fear, Regret, Desire, & Love present.

That's All Smokes!
Handrolled Herbal Smoking Blends

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