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Welcome to GariTalks

My name is Gari François.

I am a guide, community gatherer, and speaker. 

I am passionate about creating community spaces that build and nurture intentional, vulnerable, and intimate connection between self & others.

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Connection is a core human need.

From conception, to birth, through life, and to death, human beings are in connection with others. A human baby cannot care for itself; it is actually our natural ability to connect and seek connection that allows us to learn how to care for ourselves. How to eat, ask for what we need, talk, show anger, self-soothe, and even think - these are all things we learn in connection. It would seem that our survival is dependent on our ability to practice strong connection with our bodies, with our caretakers, and ultimately with the world around us.

Yet no one ever really teaches us 'how to connect.'
Or better yet, 'what to do when connection is strained, disrupted, or broken?'

The workshop spaces I hold and the tools I teach
are intended to 
strengthen your body's natural ability to experience connection.

Together we will learn how to:

  • practice mindfulness and become more present

  • hold space to understand your emotions (especially the uncomfortable ones)​

  • reconnect with & reclaim all parts of yourself - the perceived 'good, bad, and ugly'

  • release heavy energy from the body

  • and build vulnerable, authentic connections with others 

When we learn to acknowledge & honor the connection between our bodies, minds, emotions, needs, and desires, we build self-awareness, develop mastery over our choices, and deepen our connection with our intuition.

This mastery creates a source of unshakeable trust within ourselves. From that source, we are able to experience more personal fulfillment in life; feel more inner peace, and share in more meaningful, authentic connections with others in the world around us.

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Located in Tio’tia:ke (Montreal)
Student & Founder of the Black Healing Centre

I have been going to some of the conversations spaces that Gari curates for almost 8 months now, and they have been life changing.
During Gari’s workshops you are encouraged to be creative with the ways in which you think and move. Whenever I attend a workshop or have an individual call with them I always leave feeling seen, heard, and supported. Their ability to curate spaces where meaningful conversations between strangers take place is truly magical.
Thank you Gari for all that you do:)
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Located in London, UK
Aspiring Coach

I have attended Gari's courses, accountability classes and 121 sessions over the past 6 month and it has brought the next level of clarity and understanding to my life. Gari is well disciplined to manifest goals into reality which is very inspiring. Gari's storytelling ability brings depth of meaning and clarity to others. The group sessions had helps me to see myself and others flourish and become a new and improved version of ourself. I will highly recommend taking Gari's service to everyone.

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Mother, Wife, YouTuber

I just want to tell you that I recently subscribed to you because of the AND videos you were apart of. And I wanted to let you know that I felt i had some similarities to you. Your story and your page has helped me to understand that Im not alone in this journey. And glad to see you are still doing well, smiling, living life and helping ppl. Continue on. Ppl need your light. Blessings, peace , love and all things Prosperous to you hun! Thank you!


Let's make it a common practice to ask the people we've met:

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